Terms of Trade

The following terms and conditions of sale shall be deemed to be incorporated into and form a part of any contract between Murphy Electrical Limited and the customer whose name and/or details appear on the front of this quote/invoice, for the supply of goods and services.

  1. QUOTES: All quotes made by Murphy Electrical Ltd may be subject to variance after a 30-day period.
  2. VARIATION OF WORKS / EXTRAS: The customer shall inform Murphy Electrical Ltd of any variations of, or additions to, the original quoted job, prior to the work being commenced. Any works beyond the scope of original quoted works shall be charged at standard charge-out rates (materials and labour). The customer has the right to request job costing before such work is carried out.
  3. WORK DONE ON BEHALF: The customer agrees Murphy Electrical Ltd may contract other agencies to fulfil its obligation to provide goods and services to the customer. It will be understood that Murphy Electrical Ltd has no control of its Agencies’ ability to supply goods and services (standard and time).
  4. COMPLETION OF GOODS/SERVICES: Any time period that has been stated for completion of works by Murphy Electrical Ltd is only an estimate. Whilst Murphy Electrical Ltd will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure works are completed by any requested date/time it does not guarantee that such time will be met. This also includes variance in weather. In no case shall Murphy Electrical Ltd be liable for any loss or damage resulting either directly or indirectly from a failure to complete works by any specific date.
  5. PAYMENT: Payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice unless specified otherwise. Where the contracted works are to be carried out over a period exceeding 14 days, or where parts to complete the contracted works must be procured in advance by Murphy Electrical Ltd, at Murphy Electrical’s sole discretion a progress payment may be required and will be invoiced to the customer.
  6. RECOVERY OF UNPAID ACCOUNTS: The customer agrees to pay any debt collection charges and other expenses incurred by Murphy Electrical Ltd in the recovery of outstanding amounts on the customer’s account.
  7. REFUND POLICY: If Murphy Electrical Ltd supplies goods which Murphy Electrical subsequently accepts are defective, Murphy Electrical will accept the return of the defective goods to, at its option, replace, repair or credit the customer all or part of the price paid by the customer to Murphy Electrical Ltd for the goods provided.
  8. CANCELLATION OF ORDERS: Murphy Electrical Ltd accepts cancellation of order however when Murphy Electrical Ltd has incurred costs before cancellation these costs may be charged to the customer.