Lighting design and its effects on mood, vision

If you haven’t given much thought to how the lights in your home or workplace are laid out, now’s the time to get with the programme! Our knowledge of the effect of lighting on mood, vision and performance is increasing all the time. Add to this an increasing desire to make our homes and businesses […]

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Electrical Planning For Your Home Renovations

Homeowners often ask me at the beginning of the electrical stage of their renovation, How many lights/power points/switches etc. should I put in? And where should I put them? These are great questions which are often overlooked by professional architects and designers – I see very few electrical plans included in sets of renovation drawings. […]

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The Importance of Upgrading your Home Switchboard

Why should the electrical switchboard (also known as a distribution board) in your house need upgrading? As with all technology, things change over time and in nearly all cases for the better. Consider, for example, the Building industry or the Automotive industry. Likewise in the Electrical field our products and processes have moved on. The […]

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